Vietnam Wakeboard Guide

Vietnam’s long coastline offers plenty of opportunities to get in the water on a wakeboard with beach resorts along the coast offering both kit hire and tuition. The warm waters of the South China Sea are inviting, and generally fairly calm during the dry season. The sea tends to be too rough to wakeboard during the November to March wet season. Wakeboarders can also head inland to Vietnam’s rivers on a Vietnam wakeboarding trip.

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Mui Ne is an attractive beach resort close to Ho Chi Minh City in southern Vietnam. It is popular with watersports fans of all descriptions, including windsurfers, kitesurfers and wakeboarders. The wind can get up a little at Mui Ne, but there are some calmer spots.

Further north is Nha Trang, another well-loved and sometimes busy beach resort. It’s built on a wide, beautiful bay with a long sweep of beach. Watersports operators take wakeboarders out from the beach. It’s generally fairly sheltered with good conditions most of the year.

On the far north of Vietnam’s coast is Halong Bay, a magical natural playground. Towering limestone cliffs jut out of the water, fishing villages float on makeshift platforms, and wakeboarders can enjoy some of the best views in Vietnam.

The Saigon River is another wakeboarding hotspot, and the perfect one to choose for daytrips from Ho Chi Minh City (once known as Saigon). It is a wide, slow-moving river that flows just south of the city. It can get busy, but plenty of wakeboarders (along with sailors and other watersports enthusiasts) manage to navigate it.

A Vietnam wakeboarding trip is a fantastic way to explore and enjoy this gorgeous country’s coast and rivers.


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